Alutec is a leading building façade and architectural interiors specialist based out of Qatar.

We are the largest façade engineering, contracting and manufacturing company in Qatar, and one among the top three in the Middle East North African region. We have a unique proposition where we are one of the few building envelope companies globally that are vertically and horizontally integrated in terms of design, manufacturing and contracting. We have in house facilities for glass processing, curtain wall manufacturing, metal processing, metal coating, composite material processing, structural steel processing et cetera while having the in-house resources to design and erect building envelopes.

Alutec’s proficiency in managing the lifecycle of a project from form to function enables us to successfully translate architectural concepts into reality.

For over 20 years, Alutec has a proven track record of successfully executing complex projects on budget and on time, utilizing its unmatched technical expertise and experience to efficiently manage the entire process from conception and design development to construction, thereby providing optimum solutions to suit customers’ needs and expectations.

Alutec is the leading manufacturer and supplier of Aluminium, glass and metal systems and products in the MENA region with growing presence in international markets. From customized window, door and partition systems developed in-house to innovative market solutions for curtain wall systems, roofs, skylights, composite facades, balustrades, storefronts, and architectural interior works, our comprehensive product portfolio caters to myriad applications in the commercial, residential, education, hospitality, entertainment, and retail industries.Each product is manufactured in-house in our facilities to ensure control over the schedule, quality and cost requirements and thus allowing us to consistently deliver top quality products to our customers economically and on time.

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For over two decades, Alutec has been reshaping Qatar’s skyline. You will find our works in some of the most imposing and prestigious skyscrapers and architectural inspirations in the region. We not only help our patrons build homes, offices, businesses, and communities but we also take pride that we have a share in inspiring the lives that revolve around them.